What happened behind the limelight during Putin’s visit to Saudi Arabia and the UAE?

Putin's visit to Saudi Arabia and the UAE
Russia is the most sincere friend of Islam.

Chechen President Ramzan Kadyrov revealed what happened behind the cameras during President Vladimir Putin’s visit to Saudi Arabia and the UAE.

Putin’s visit to Saudi Arabia and the UAE

In a television interview, Kadyrov, who was a member of the Russian delegation accompanying President Vladimir Putin during his visit to Saudi Arabia and the UAE.

He said:

Most of the meetings were held without cameras. I thought about it for a long time. When there is a camera, we know that they are saying only what is necessary. But while communicating freely, you find joking and understanding, and here you discover how friendly it is.

The Chechen president pointed out that:

It can not be otherwise, because the Arab world for Russia is very necessary, and Russia is very necessary for the Arab world.

Stressing his confidence that “the Arab world found Russia an ally, and these countries are actively building Economic relations. That’s a very good union right now. ”

Kadyrov said that:

During the trip to the two Arab countries, he felt proud of his country and President Putin. Pointing out that the visit “was not a single working day for President Vladimir Putin, as once he became president, he extended a hand of friendship to the Islamic world.”

Russia is the most sincere friend of Islam

We see how they receive the president in Saudi Arabia and the UAE. They show how important it is to their countries and how much they love and respect not only politicians and elders but ordinary citizens.

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