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What does Qatar hide for the US President ?!

Qatar and US
A joint statement was issued following a meeting at the White House.

A joint statement was issued following a meeting between Qatar and US at the White House between US President Donald Trump and Qatar’s Emir Sheikh Tamim bin Hamad Al Thani, revealing the most important trade exchanges that will link the two countries in the coming period.

This was what was announced to all during the White House meeting between US President Donald Trump and Emir of Qatar Sheikh Tamim Bin Hamad Al Thani.

They showed that the purpose of this visit is only for the benefit of both counties.

Trade exchange included:

  • Qatar Airways buys five Boeing 777s
  • Qatar Airways’ commitment to purchase Gulfstream aircraft.

Trade agreements included:

 An agreement has been signed between Chevron Phillips Chemicals and Qatar Petroleum to develop, construct and operate a petrochemical complex in Qatar.

The trade agreements between Doha and Washington included:

  • Qatar’s commitment to purchase the Raytheoun NASAM and Patriot systems.
  • Qatar Airways’ selection of GE Jet engines and services to operate Boeing 787 and 777 aircraft.

The joint statement confirmed that this trade exchange is a new example of the strong trade, political and security ties between America and Qatar.

But what Qatar and US is hiding from the others ?!

But It is hiding a lot for its own interests

It is a supporter of terrorism in all countries and this is only a step to enter America without any comment on its actions on the basis that it is cooperating in different fields.

Some evidence to show that Qatar’s policy is against America:

• It is violating open skies policy with America
• Violating the US Department of Justice (FARA) laws
• It is supporting the Muslims Brotherhood And terrorist groups in the US
• Expanding ties with China at the expense of the United States
• It is with their Media and Influence are targeting and demonizing the president and American politics.
• anti-Semitic and incites against the West and American society
• supports European and Asian media against America

Qatar always makes deals with the biggest enemy of America “Iran”

• It secretly supports the Iranian political lobbying
• Relations with Iran are for the benefit of the Qataris, not the Americans
• It shares a gas field with Iran, and Doha wants to increase output after a few years.
• Paying money and ransom to Iran’s militias and terrorist factions

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