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What does Qatar hide behind this visit ?!

Tamim's visit for the US will be on 9 of July 2019

As Qatar Emir Visits the White House, Here’s What Americans Need to Know About the Islamist Emirate.

There are a formal announcement and popular circulation about his visit

Tamim’s visit for the US will be on 9 of July 2019

The emir’s annual trip to the White House comes amid a determined push by the administration to keep afloat its Mideast Peace Plan following its opening event in Bahrain recently.

what Qatar want from this visit ?!
Is it something related to Iranian sanctions for example!!

The Qatari emir’s visit to Washington this week is expected to be nothing more than a blip on the radar.

At the start of the year, the Qatar Investment Authority (QIA) announced plans to increase its US investments from $30bn to $45bn over the next two years.

That’s why the US government should cooperate with Terrorist country like Qatar.

Also, Trump meeting with Qatar emir may boost trade investment ties, sidestep Gulf Tensions.

US military base

Qatar’s geographic location :

directly positioned between powerhouse rivals Saudi Arabia and Iran.

Which makes it a critical ally for Washington as it pursues its interests in the region.

  • It is also the location of the headquarters of the US Central Command (CENTCOM).
  • One of the US’s biggest foreign military bases.
  • which oversees the Pentagon’s operations in the Middle East.

the Qatari regime in Doha.

Qatar and the support of Terrorism in different fields.

  • Because of their cozy and collaborative relationships with so many of the Islamist terror groups America count as an enemy.
  • the primary function of the Brotherhood in America as being a fundraising and communications tool for the terror group.
  • Qatar’s adventurism greatly imperils the security of the United States.

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