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What are the next steps in “Trump’s accountability”?

What are the next steps in "Trump's accountability"?
The democratic case against Trump

It continues to early February .. What are the next steps in “Trump’s accountability”? The measures to isolate and prosecute US President Donald Trump began in the Senate on Tuesday.

Trump’s lawyers said that:

The accountability case against him is the result of a process that

  • “Democrats falsified and must be rejected in the trial.”

What are the next steps in “Trump’s accountability”?

The following are the expected steps in the trial procedures of the US President in the context of his accountability:

January 20

  1. The House of Representatives provided its response to Trump’s response that the Senate summoned him for trial.
  2. Trump presented a legal memo calling for the immediate rejection of the two indictments.
  3. Which brought by the House of Representatives in the context of his accountability.

January 21

  • Before the House of Representatives until noon (1700 GMT) to file a memo of opposition to the legal memo submitted by the White House if he so chooses.
  • The trial resumes at 1:00 p.m. (1800 GMT) and expected to continue for 6 days per week, except for Sundays.
A January 21 vote on the rules proposed by Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell.

Which organizes the first phase of the trial, will leave the vote open later on whether to call witnesses and the possibility of providing new evidence.

The democratic case against Trump

  • Democrats expected to try to amend the rules proposed by “McConnell”.
  • In order to stipulate the need to call witnesses, which could lead to a broad discussion on the rules of the trial.

Once the rules are passed

The Democratic House of Representatives directors, who make up the prosecution team, begin to make their case against Trump.

  • It was not clear if this would start on January 21 or the next day.
  • When the directors of the House of Representatives finish their work, the president’s team responds with introductory pleadings.
  • It expected that these arguments will continue for several days before the members of the Senate who work as a jury.
  • Two sources said that each party may receive a maximum of 24 hours to present its case.
  • The two sources said that the 48 hours will divide into 4 12-hour sessions.

After the opening arguments, Senators will give time to present questions to each side.

From late January to early February

  1. Democrats expected to continue to press for witnesses to testify during the trial. And if, as expected, the trial rules of McConnell passed.
  2. Then Senators will probably vote sometime after the trial begins whether witness testimonies sought by Democrats will be used.
  3. This may be followed by ballots to present the final arguments if the majority of the Senate does not approve of the witnesses.

February 4

Trump is due to deliver his annual State of the Union address to a joint session of both houses of Congress.

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