Victim Playing: The truth behind fake twitter accounts

Victim Playing: The truth behind fake twitter accounts

A network of Middle East propaganda duped by conservative media on Tuesday went dark after The Daily Beast revealed that fake twitter accounts of people had been used to plant more than 90 pieces of opinion in 46 different publications.

Fake Twitter Accounts

Sixteen Twitter accounts in the network got a suspension Monday after The Daily Beast sent Twitter the results of its extensive investigation. All bearing fake twitter identities spreading propaganda. Twitter confirmed the accounts have been removed for breaking the prohibition on abusing the website.

The false writers duped newspapers were predominantly conservative media like Washington Examiner, Newsmax and American Thinker. The parts also supported values of the United Arab Emirates and were tough on Iraq, Turkey and Qatar. The fake authors behind the pieces used fake twitter credentials to give themselves more credibility, supporting the articles written on their own fake accounts by other fake people.

Victim playing

There is no evidence that these fake twitter accounts, platforms or writers are in relation with the UAE . There is no direct link to the UAE. Also there are several countries that have enmities and problems with Qatar, Turkey and Iran. Not only the UAE. The accusation of the UAE is slander and does not have credibility of something. As for propaganda and media propaganda, the UAE do not need them because the real numbers indicate that the UAE is the favorite place for Arab youth. It is the most secure country in the world.  Also economically the UAE is one of the strongest economies. But perhaps there are public relations companies that deal recently with Qatar. They maybe the ones who promote false news about the UAE.

This is a famous strategy  with the name: (Victim Playing). Playing the victim is manufacturing or exaggerating the victim-hood for a variety of reasons. Such as justifying abuse of others, manipulating others, coping strategies or seeking attention.

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