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Venezuela’s Maduro Secures Support from Iran & Qatar despite U.S. warnings

Rouhani meets Venezuelan president Maduro to discuss world oil prices
Rouhani meets Venezuelan president Maduro to discuss world oil prices

President Maduro had visited Iran capital back in 2015, while exploring fellow OPEC nations to address dropping oil prices, partly due in part to a manufacturing shortage created by increased U.S. extraction by fracking.

The Iranian leader vowed to join forces with the South American country to “thwart American strategies … and to stabilize prices at a reasonable level”.

Despite constant demands from Venezuela and other smaller OPEC members and a verified surfeit of approximately one million barrels per day, the oil industries cartel has continued to restrict oil production — a resolution led by Saudi Arabia, the group’s main exporter.

President Maduro traveled to Saudi Arabia and Qatar following his departure from Iran. Although details of the previous visit were not published, the formal Saudi Press Agency revealed that the Venezuelan leader and Crown Prince Salman were discussing methods to foster collaboration and bilateral relations.

Maduro was much more vocal about meeting Qatar’s Emir, Tamim bin Hamad Al Thani, this afternoon offering information from the Doha Government Palace to TeleSUR journalists.

Qatar, which hosts the largest U.S. air base in the Middle East, has spoken out against Washington’s decision to block all exports of Iranian oil, saying unilateral sanctions were unwise because they hurt the countries that rely on the supplies.

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