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US warns North Korea not to miss the opportunity to resume negotiations

North Korea
US says window for denuclearization talks with N. Korea still open.

North Korea announced that it was “no longer interested” in holding summits with the United States unless Washington made new concessions in its nuclear negotiations.

US President Donald Trump choose Pigeon for the post of deputy secretary of state. Also retaining the arduous task of restarting Pyongyang’s nuclear disarmament negotiations.

The US says the window for denuclearization talks with North Korea still open

Negotiations on its nuclear disarmament

The US special envoy for N. Korea, Stephen Pigeon, has called on Pyongyang to resume negotiations on its nuclear disarmament at a higher level than it currently is, warning that it may “miss the opportunity.

Pigeon Mam told a congressional committee, chosen as US deputy secretary of state:

  1. There is no concrete or verifiable evidence that N. Korea has made the option of denuclearization.
  2. The deputy foreign minister of N. Korea (Choi Sun-hui) is the only one with the confidence of the leader “North Korean leader Kim Jong-un”.
  3. The success of the negotiations is still possible, but North Korea must “seize this opportunity.

The US diplomat added:

We still believe that Pyongyang can make this option,” saying that the negotiations could make progress. If the North Korean Deputy Foreign Minister Choi Sun-hui participated directly.”

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