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US presidential candidate accuses Trump of looting Syrian oil

Syrian oil
‘Keep the Oil’: Trump Revives Charged Slogan for New Syria Troop Mission.

Republican presidential candidate Tulsi Gabbard has accused US President Donald Trump of looting Syrian oil by using his country’s military forces.

US presidential candidate accuses Trump of looting Syrian oil

Gabard told Fox News

“As a soldier, I would like to emphasize that what we have been trained from day one is that the most important point is to know the purpose of your mission.”

“Our mission is to secure the American people and ensure the national security of the United States.” Unfortunately, President Trump is changing his approach.

Syria not to fight ISIS

He wants to bring our troops home from Syria. and now he says he wants to keep them in Syria not to fight ISIS. But to guard the oil fields that “These are oil resources belonging to the Syrian people.”

“I think it’s important to know that this is a new example and evidence of a modern takeover that has been taking place in Syria since 2011.

Depriving the Syrian people of

  1. The primary source of resources
  2. The energy they need to survive as well as to begin to re-establish

“This is a newer example of the tactics used in this ongoing war of regime change in Syria, which, I believe deeply, should never have started and must be ended now,” she said.

Trump’s plan to bring home troops from Syria

The Pentagon confirmed last October that:

It would begin the process of withdrawing about 1,000 US military personnel from Syrian territory

  • As part of Trump’s plan to bring home troops from Syria.

but the White House master later announced that some units would remain in Syrian territory to maintain control of the oil fields. That previously taken during the war on IS.

For his part, US Defense Secretary, Mark Esper, that

The mission of the remaining US forces in Syria will include

  • preventing the access of the government of the country


  • Russia to these oil fields

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