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US imposes sanctions on Iran after an attack on American forces

US imposes sanctions on Iran
Donald Trump’s administration imposes new sanctions on Iran

On Friday, the US Treasury announced sanctions against eight senior Iranian regime officials “who have developed the destabilizing regime’s goals”. As well as “Iran’s largest steel, aluminium, copper and iron manufacturers”.

The US imposes sanctions on Iran after an attack on American forces

The new sanctions:-

It came in the wake of Tehran’s targeting of two military bases in Iraq that include American forces.


  1. Ali Shamkhani, Secretary of the Supreme Council for Iranian National Security.
  2. Mohammad Reza Ashtiani, Deputy Chief of Staff of the Iranian Armed Forces.
  3. Finally, Gholam Reza Soleimani, head of the Basij militia of the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps.

The New US Sanctions also included:-

  • 17 Iranian metal and mining companies, including
  • 3 entities in China and Seychelles
As well as a ship involved in
  • Purchase
  • Sale
  • As well as, Transportation of Iranian metal products
  • Eventually, in providing critical mineral production components to Iranian metal producers

According to the US Treasury statement:

The US President signed executive orders targeting Iranian sources of revenue to
  1. Support and finance the Iranian nuclear program
  2. Missile development
  3. Terrorist networks
  4. The terrorist agency
  5. Malicious regional influence

Minister Stephen Manchin said:-

These sanctions will continue until the regime stops financing global terrorism and commits to never possessing nuclear weapons.

“The United States targets senior Iranian officials for their participation and complicity in ballistic missile strikes, at dawn on Wednesday,”

Imposing sanctions on:
  1. Iran’s largest metalworking companies
  2. Imposing sanctions on new sectors of the Iranian economy including construction and manufacturing

US Treasury Secretary Stephen Manchin said:-

A White House news conference with Secretary of State Mike Pompeo.

The Minister of the Treasury said that:

US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo said that

  • US sanctions target Iranian security services.
  • Eventually, America received specific information about an imminent threat from Iran that includes American embassies.
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