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Amnesty International warns against traveling to the United States

Amnesty International warns against traveling to the United States
Amnesty International calls on US visitors to exercise caution.

Amnesty International on Wednesday issued a travel warning to visitors to the United States to exercise utmost caution, following recent mass shootings.

Amnesty International calls on US visitors to exercise caution:

It has warned those planning to travel to the United States not to take this step because of the country’s increasing armed attacks.

The organization said:

It issued the warning because of the pervasive firearm violence.

Which has become so widespread in the United States that it amounts to a human rights crisis.

Warning to be safe in the US:

People who go to the country must be

Extremely vigilant at all times and be wary of the spread of firearms among the population.

Some places should be avoided:

  • Places with large gatherings
  • Especially cultural events.
  • Places of worship.
  • Schools and business centers.

The US government is unwilling to ensure protection against firearm violence.

Although, they are bound by international human rights law to implement measures to:

  • Regulate the possession of firearms.
  • Protect the rights of the people.

The statement pointed to the obligations of the United States before international human rights law with respect to

  • the protection of visitors from armed violence.

pointing out that Washington has not acted to fulfill this responsibility.

A series of crimes last week

On Saturday:

Thirty-one people killed and dozens wounded in shootings in Texas and Ohio.

On Sunday:

US police also announced that seven people injured in shooting as they gathered in a park west of Chicago, Illinois.

On Monday:

US President Donald Trump called for legislation requiring a security check for firearms buyers in connection with Saturday’s attacks.

He blamed the culture in which violent video games and the “dark cries” of social media contributed to the extremism of mass shooters.

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