United States shooting incidents in the constant show

United States shooting incidents
No legal definition of the term mass shooting.

The United States shooting incidents constant show. Where 51 people killed during the month of August. Texas is the deadliest with four accidents, 33 dead, and widespread anger in the US society over gun ownership laws.

The United States shooting incidents constant show

Texas accident:

A major controversy over arms control in the United States shooting incidents erupted as a new shooting incident killed five people in Texas.

On Saturday, 51 people killed in shootings inside the United States in August alone.

What is the accident details?

The Accident details:

There have been at least 38 shootings with at least three deaths in the same incident. The August death toll was more severe in Texas, where four of the deadliest shootings killed 33 people. As well as, including a massacre earlier this month, at Wal-Mart in El Paso, which killed 22 people.

Victims of Texas incident

The United States shooting incidents, Five people killed and over 22 injured near Odessa, Texas.
On Saturday, where a gunman opened fire on citizens indiscriminately, bringing the number of victims of shootings in August to 51 people.

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Count the number of victims:

On July 31, the United States had 248 shootings, at a rate of 1.2 a day, which results in 979 injuries, including 246 deaths.
As well as, the “Gun Violence Archive,” a nonprofit research group tracking United States shooting incidents.
Among these incidents, American schools witnessed 22 shooting incidents, including schools of different ages;

  • Elementary
  • Preparatory
  • Secondary
  • Even in universities
United States shooting incidents

No legal definition of the term mass shooting

The concept of mass shooting:

The Ministry of Justice defines mass murder as three or more killings in one episode, except for the murder of the gunman himself.

Eventually, there is no legal definition of the term mass shooting, despite its frequent use by arms control groups and the media.

The dark side of firearms:

Firearms kill up to 1,000 people a day around the world, while millions injured and their lives turned upside down by laws that allow civilians to carry firearms in various countries around the world, especially the major Western countries.

 Laws of Public Health in the world:

According to the latest census of the “Arms Policy” website, which monitors the activities of weapons and related laws in the world of Public Health at the University of Sydney. So, there are over 875 million firearms around the world, 75% of them in the hands of civilians.

Although most small arms are not abused and many countries confirm legitimate reasons for their ownership. At the same time we have followed in the past few years many shootings and armed violence in the United States.

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