United States intends to expel 12 Saudi military trainers

Saudi military trainers
Saudi Students To Be Expelled In Wake Of Florida Shooting

The United States intends to expel more than 12 Saudi military trainers after the Pensacola accident bases after a Pentagon review after a Saudi air force officer fired into a base in Florida.

The United States intends to expel 12 Saudi military trainers

The Saudis who will be expelled are not accused of assisting the Saudi officer who killed 3 American soldiers at the Pensacola base.

A source at the US Defense Department, “The Pentagon”, said that:

  1.  A number of these Saudi trainees accused of possessing pornographic material.
  2. Which the Ministry of Justice refused to comment on, as well as the FBI.

The Ministry of Justice investigations

The Ministry of Justice expected to issue the results of its investigations into the shooting at the Pensacola base.

  • Which took place last December.
  • Considered it a “terrorist act” according to an American source.
  • Without accusing others of complicity.
  • While the Saudi government pledged to provide full support to the investigations.

Pentagon announcement

On December 10

The Pentagon announced the suspension of practical training for all Saudi military personnel in the United States after the accident.

On December 19

He subsequently announced that he found no threat after reviewing some 850 military students from Saudi Arabia studying in the United States.

The FBI said:

  1. American investigators believe that the 21-year-old Saudi officer, Mohammed Saeed Al-Shamrani.
  2. This work alone before being shot dead by a deputy police chief.
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