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UAE supports the UN call to stop the escalation in the Middle East

UAE expresses support for UN

The UAE announces its support for the UN call to stop the escalation in the Middle East. The UAE affirmed its support for the call made by United Nations Secretary-General Antonio Guterres to stop

  1. The escalation in the region and revitalize international cooperation
  2. Renewing in this regard its commitment to seeking political solutions
  3. Eventually, Playing the role of mediation and spreading the values ​​of tolerance

UAE supports the UNs’ call to stop the escalation in the Middle East

Where did the general debate hold?

This came during the state statement made by the Chargé d’Affairs to the United Nations delegation to the United Nations, Ghasak Shaheen.

In front of the general debate held by the United Nations Security Council at the United Nations in New York.

On the Topic of:

  • “Commitment to the United Nations Charter for the maintenance of international peace and security.”

The sensitive situation in the Middle East

Reviewing the stage The sensitive situation in the Middle East.
  1. It calls for the need to calm down tensions and pursue diplomatic means to spare the region further escalation.
  2. Pointing out that the signing of the United Nations Charter about 75 years ago
  3. Finally, It constituted a crucial point for the transition of the world from war to peace.

The UAE believes in the United Nations role

  1. The UAE believes that the peaceful settlement of disputes is one of the main pillars upon which the United Nations was built.
  2. As well as, It was evident in its dealings with the issue of the three Emirati islands ” Greater Tunb, Lesser Tunb, and Abu Musa “
  3. It reiterated the support of the United Arab Emirates to the political processes
  4. Eventually, It leads the United Nations to settle disputes in the region in a peaceful manner.

The importance of the Security Council

  • It strengthening the processes of consultation and coordination with the concerned member states.
  • In order to deal effectively with the cases on its agenda.

The vital role that regional and subregional organizations can play in

  • Firstly, Addressing tensions
  • Secondly, Achieving security and stability

The UAE leadership in humanitarian support

The international community must not lose sight of the human cost of the conflict. The UAE will continue its leadership in supporting humanitarian and development projects all over the world.

The goals that the Expo 2020 aims to achieve:

  1. Building partnerships
  2. Providing innovative solutions that will shape the world of tomorrow.
  3. In which friendly relations between countries are strengthened.
  4. Eventually,  one of the main principles of the United Nations Charter.
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