UAE supports foreign investment with stimulating legislation

foreign investment
Stimulating Business in the UAE: Authorities Allowed 100% Ownership of Companies.

Abdullah Ahmad Al Saleh, Undersecretary of the UAE Ministry of Economy for Foreign investment, trade and Industry. Said that the Ministry continues its efforts to promote sustainable development based on technology and scientific research.

During the closing ceremony of the meetings of the World Franchise Council. During which he expressed his appreciation to the members of the World Franchise Council for their support for the event.

Emirates Association for the Development of Franchise

The Abu Dhabi Chamber of Commerce and Industry continues to contribute to the development of small- and medium-sized companies. As well as supporting the growth of the country’s economy.

It has established the Emirates Association for the Development of Franchise to serve as a source of

  1. Expertise
  2. Knowledge
  3. Studies
  4. Information

On commercial concessions for the benefit of the private and government sectors, and the protection of local investors.

The UAE supports the SME sector

He pointed out that the UAE seeks to support the SME sector as a key driver of the economy. “We have an appropriate legislative and regulatory framework to attract foreign investment. We look forward to the contribution of SMEs and startups to GDP.”

He explained that the UAE has relied on the most innovative policies and procedures in the UAE markets, as 2018 witnessed what we are doing to improve the investment environment in the country according to the factors of sustainable development.

Internal and external movement of foreign investment

In terms of internal and external movement of foreign direct investment, it recorded $10.4 billion, while outflows reached $15.0 billion in 2018. Foreign shares in the UAE amounted to about $139.4 billion, while internal shares recorded $140.3 billion.

The economic development of the UAE

The UAE among the best in the world in entrepreneurship

In addition, the UAE is currently the top recipient of investment in the region and is ranked 27th in the world in terms of attracting FDI flows and 19th in FDI flows to the world.

The UAE National Agenda 2021 aims to make

  • The UAE among the best in the world in entrepreneurship.

Eventually, We recognize its key role in unlocking the potential of national economies and enabling them to become a driving force in the economic development of the UAE.

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