UAE Official Development assistance in Yemen

UAE Official
The UAE Official Committee for the Coordination of Foreign Humanitarian Aid was established.

Coordinate foreign humanitarian assistance and gather the expertise of the UAE’s humanitarian response agencies. The UAE Official Committee for the Coordination of Foreign Humanitarian Aid was established.

So, it based on the Council of Ministers’ decision of 2014, which reflects the UAE’s commitment to implement the latest humanitarian goals and promote the principle of cooperation.

UAE Official Development Assistance

From 1971 to 2014, the total number of countries that benefited from projects and programs provided by UAE Official donor institutions to 178 countries worldwide, amounting to AED 173 billion.

According to the UAE Foreign Aid Report 2015, the total UAE Official assistance paid for 2015 was AED 32.34 billion (the US $ 8.80 million).

As well as, This foreign aid provided by 40 UAE donors to 155 countries around the world. Of which 120 are eligible for ODA, including 43 LDCs.

Foreign aid usually spent in three main categories:

  • Development aid
  • Humanitarian aid
  • Charitable aid

Development assistance paid for 2015 was the first with a value of AED 29.75 billion. Representing 92 percent of total aid compared to AED 19.55 billion for development aid paid in 2014.

Humanitarian aid came second with 2.16 billion dirhams, accounting for 6.7 percent of total aid. Charity came third with 429.1 million dirhams and 1.33 percent of total aid.

What is the focus of  UAE’s foreign assistance?

The UAE’s foreign assistance focused on priority areas including

  • poverty eradication
  • child support
  • global sectoral programs such as:
  1. transport and infrastructure
  2. enhancing government effectiveness
  3. empowering women and girls

Among the most prominent assistance provided during 2015 were those for refugees and internally displaced persons affected by crises and conflicts in Syria, Yemen, and Iraq.

Geographical distribution of UAE aid:

With regard to the geographical distribution of UAE aid for 2015, the continent of Africa received the largest share by 25.11 billion dirhams compared to 14.67 billion dirhams in 2014.

Eventually, Aid to Asia amounted to 6.63 million dirhams, followed by countries in Europe, the Americas, Oceania and other countries with 586.94 million.

The UAE’s aid to Yemen:

  • UAE’s relief assistance to 399,000 people in Yemen since the liberation of Aden
  • Nine ships loaded with 18,322 tonnes of relief aid sent to Aden.
  • Maintenance of health facilities, water and electricity works, as well as sanitation and parks, continues to be undertaken.
  • Hospitals and clinics in Yemen rehabilitated and fully equipped at a total cost of Dh48.5 million.

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