UAE is the new leader of renewable energy


Globally, countries plan to increase share of renewable in national energy baskets specially, in generating electricity. UAE has a plan to be leader in Middle East in decreasing depending on fossil fuels & increase using renewable energy production.

UAE plans to expand usage of new energies for exploiting renewable resources that don’t depend on oil. UAE has been becoming a hub for clean energy technology that provide finance needed to build renewable energy projects globally besides investing $million in fundamental research on microelectronics, energy, water, transport systems & advanced materials.

Masdar Abu Dhabi who is an international player in renewable energy has invested $2.7 billion in development of clean energy since 2006.

MENA with natural gas & oil reserves look to increase usage of renewable energy. Some export electricity generated by renewable in addition to decreasing dependency on revenue from exported oil besides decreasing emission of greenhouse gas.

In 2015, UAE State of Energy issued a report explaining natural gas’s share of power is going to drop to 76% in 2021 from 98% in 2012 as energy efficiency grows.

2050 UAE Energy Strategy set energy mix combining nuclear power, renewable & clean energy sources for meeting economic requirements of UAE besides environmental goals of 38% natural gas, 6% nuclear, 44% clean energy & 12% coal.

UAE has a clear target for clean energy in addition to joining other countries for maximizing usage of clean energy.

UAE to become a leader solar power producers globally as sunlight is a natural advantages of country.

UAE save $192 billion by 2050 in energy sector to reach its renewable energy goals.


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