UAE in Lebanon: development and humanitarian projects

UAE in Lebanon
The development and humanitarian projects in Lebanon.

Development and humanitarian projects of the UAE in Lebanon. The UAE Embassy in Lebanon, represented by the Humanitarian and Development Affairs Office. Which sponsored and implemented several charitable humanitarian projects.

UAE in Lebanon: development and humanitarian projects

These charitable humanitarian projects carried out with a donation from the UAE Red Crescent and in partnership with civil society organizations and cooperating organizations, including:

  1. International Federation for Peace
  2. The Santa Teresa Group
  3. The Saint Pew School

UAE Ambassador to Lebanon, said that:

The UAE raised the slogan “Year of Goodness” in 2017 in order to provide assistance to the largest number of beneficiaries with no discrimination.
Also, In 2018 continue to follow the same approach with the same determination and will with the launch of the “Year of Zayed”.

As well as, He pointed out that there is an integrated humanitarian plan developed by the Office of Humanitarian and Development Affairs aiming to involve all Lebanese parties.

Especially, civil society organizations and associations in order to help the affected Lebanese and displaced Syrians and Palestinian families in various regions of Lebanon.

The development and humanitarian projects in Lebanon came as follows:

  • The opening of a street, a roundabout and a monument to Sheikh Zayed in the Ramleh al-Bayda district of Beirut where many political, economic and religious figures took part in the ceremony.
  • Inauguration of Saydeh Church in Amchit and lighting of the Christmas Tree.
  • Opening of over 22 development projects in North and Akkar governorates.
  • AlsoThe Emirates School opens in the town of Qadriya, West Bekaa. As well as approximately 700 Syrian and Lebanese refugee students are graduated annually.
  • Sponsorship of 1401 orphans with the support of Sharjah Charity Foundation.
  • As well as, The opening of the Emirates Road in the Union of Municipalities of Al Sheft. Which facilitated the linking of three geographical areas: Al-Duraib Al-Wasat, Al-Sutwan and Al-Jouma.

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