UAE humanitarian institutions have engaged in Yemen

UAE humanitarian institutions
Peaceful objectives of the UAE presence in Yemen

Since The UAE entered as a major and prominent partner in the Arab coalition to support legitimacy and Yemenis in the face of the coup of the Iranian Houthi militia. The UAE humanitarian institutions have engaged in all sectors.

It strengthened The UAE humanitarian institutions footprint in most areas of Yemen, and UAE humanitarian institutions engaged in all sectors. As well as, ruined and destroyed by Crimes against Houthi militias.

What is the UAE’s military role in Yemen ?!

  1. The UAE’s military role in Yemen has been critical to the people of the dead trying to save lives.
  2. Rumors abound of UAE withdrawal from Yemen, which has no basis in health.
  3. As well as, Protect Yemen from extremist and terrorist groups that aim to ruin and destroy.

Peaceful objectives of the UAE presence in Yemen

  • liberate the areas from the hands of the Houthis
  • Stop the Iranian infiltration in Yemen
  • As well as, Prevent any human tragedy on the people
  • Marine Navigation Insurance

UAE humanitarian institutions have engaged in all sectors

What is the humanitarian aid provided by the UAE to Yemen ?!

UAE confirms full support for Yemen reconstruction:

The United Arab Emirates (UAE) has announced its determination to support Yemen’s development.

Also, Its fully support Yemen’s long-term reconstruction process, calling for full respect for peace agreements.

  • The UAE assistance to Yemen has helped prevent the threat of famine.
  • Put an end to the spread of cholera and polio.
  • As well as, Supporting women and schoolchildren.
  • Also, Provided health care and social and psychological treatment in many areas.

A model for phases of aid delivery:

As well as, It is considered as an effective relief operations, working with the United Nations and other partners in Yemen.

When UAE humanitarian institutions needs are reduced future funding will be allocated to Yemen’s long-term reconstruction by

  1. Focusing on trade.
  2. Supporting a thriving economy.

Leading the efforts has been the Khalifa Bin Zayed Al Nahyan Foundation

The UAE assistance to Yemen included support to:

  • education
  • agriculture
  • health
  • trade
  • energy

UAE aid to Yemen continues from the beginning

The UAE humanitarian institutions assistance to Yemen from April 2015 to December 2018 amounted to about AED 18.06 billion (the US $ 4.91 billion).

As well as, Benefiting more than 17 million Yemenis, including 11 million children and 3.2 million women.

So, The UAE was the largest donor of direct humanitarian assistance to the UN Humanitarian Plan in Yemen for the same year.

The UAE aid to Yemen amounted to around AED838.8 million ($ 2.13 billion),In 2018.

Including, AED840 million ($ 500 million) was earmarked to support the 2018 UN Humanitarian Response Plan in Yemen.

Especially, The UAE has pledged $ 4.91 billion to Yemen from April 2015 to December 2018. The UAE has pledged $ 500 million in 2019.

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