UAE enhancing women’s economic participation

The second Emirates in the world in enhancing women's economic participation

The second Emirates in the world in enhancing women’s economic participation. The UAE has a pioneering record in the field of supporting and empowering women in various vital sectors.

The Emirates enhancing women’s economic participation

A recent study from the World Bank revealed that:

  • The UAE deserved the second place among the best countries in the world

* On the level of reforms related to women’s economic participation.

  • As the country adopted 5 major reforms to enhance women’s participation in business activities over the past years.

Achieving gender equality

The World Bank said:

  1. The UAE government demonstrated a great commitment to removing all legal obstacles to women’s work.
  2. In 2005, the Emirates Gender Balance Council established the Federal Council responsible for implementing the necessary initiatives
  • In order to improve the level of women’s representation in the public and private sectors.

The Council works with international organizations to implement the best standards and policies aimed at achieving gender equality.

The UAE adopted several reforms

The most prominent of which is unifying the necessary measures to obtain a passport between men and women.
  • Firstly, Lifting all restrictions on the work of women
  • Secondly, Equalizing them with men in many matters
  • Thirdly, Including working hours “to allow them evening work opportunities
  • Finally, the availability of work in jobs The man herself, and in the sectors in which he works.

Eventually, the study also indicated that the UAE passed legislation to protect pregnant employees women from unfair dismissal.

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