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Trump’s isolation: The trick of partisan accountability

Trump's isolation
The Trial for the removal of US President Donald Trump

Trump’s isolation, He hopes Republicans and the American people will realize the trick of partisan accountability and issue are merely a hoax.

Trump’s isolation

  1. Trump demanded Republicans and the American people to listen to what the Prime Minister of Ukraine said in that regard.
  2. As the leaders of the Senate agreed to set the fourth on Wednesday, 5 February.
  3. In order to vote on the two articles of isolation Which the House of Representatives brought against Trump.

US President Donald Trump said:

  • I hope Republicans & the American people realize that the totally partisan Impeachment Hoax is exactly that, a Hoax.
  • Read the Transcripts, listen to what the President & Foreign Minister of Ukraine said (“No Pressure”).
  • Nothing will ever satisfy the Do Nothing, Radical Left Dems!


In another Tweet, Trump expressed that:

  • Republicans in Iowa, go out and Caucus today. Your great Trade Deals with China, Mexico, Canada, Japan, South Korea and more, are DONE.
  • Great times are coming, after waiting for decades, for our Farmers, Ranchers, Manufacturers and ALL. Nobody else could have pulled this off!

The Trick of partisan accountability

The Trial for the removal of US President Donald Trump

  1. The US Senate voted against the decision to call witnesses or include new evidence in the trial for the removal of US President Donald Trump.
  2. As well as, It means that he is close to acquittal from the accusations levelled by the House of Representatives.
  3. Finally, It is dominated by a majority of the anti-Trump Democratic Party.

A vote of 51 against 49

  • CNN considered last Saturday that the Senate’s decision, which came with a vote of 51 against 49.
  • As well as, It was a step that marks the beginning of the end of the third trial in the history of the United States against an American president.
  • The leaders of the Senate agreed to specify the fourth on Wednesday afternoon February 5.
  • In order to vote on the two removal articles submitted by the House of Representatives against Trump.

Trump abused his power

  1. The US President faces charges of abuse of power through allegations that he pressed Ukraine to open an investigation into corruption suspicions.
  2. Which contributes to defaming the potential Democratic candidate for the presidency, Joe Biden.
  3. In order to achieve personal interests.

Trump also faces another accusation of

  • Deliberately obstructing the work of Congress while taking measures that targeted isolation.

Conflicts between Trump and the Democrats.

  1. The timing of his acquittal will come hours after he delivered his State of the Union address to Congress on Tuesday evening.
  2. Trump’s removal needs two-thirds of the Senate’s votes or 67 votes, Between Trump and the Democrats.
  3. Eventually, some Democrats in the Senate, from the states where the Republican Party is hugely popular, have indicated that they can vote to clear the president.
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