Trump thanks Japan for its nomination of Nobel Peace Prize & Japan’s Abe to refrain from


Shinzō Ab, The Prime Minister of Japan refused to comment whether the statement of President Trump about  if Abe nominated really Trump for Nobel Peace Price or not. But, he also did not deny doing that rumor.

“In light of the Nobel committee’s policy of not disclosing recommenders and nominees for 50 years, I decline to comment. I never said I didn’t” nominate him. President Trump has been decisively responding toward resolving North Korea’s nuclear and missile problems, and last year he held historic US-North Korea summit talks”, Abe answered the question of Yuichiro Tamaki, member of opposition Democratic Party during a meeting held in lower house of Japan’s parliament.

On Sunday, The national newspaper Asahi Shimbun, confirmed that President Trump told Japan informally to thank him for his successful summit with Kim Jong Un, The leader of North Korean to resolve the missile & nuclear problem of North Korea by nominating him for Nobel Peace Price.

Referring that, on a conference held by President Trump last Friday stated that Prime Minister of Japan, Abe sent him a copy of a five-page letter Norwegian Nobel Committee has received from Japan to select Trump among the annual Peace Prize laureates.

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