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Trump signs project against China over Hong Kong events

Hong Kong events
Trump signs bill expressing support for Hong Kong protestors

US President Donald Trump has signed a bill providing for sanctions against Chinese officials accused of violence and human rights abuses during Hong Kong events.

Human Rights and Democracy Act in Hong Kong

Trump said in a statement late on Wednesday that:

He had signed the bill which was unanimously approved by the US Congress, and is titled “Human Rights and Democracy Act in Hong Kong.”

He noted that the project signed because of “respect” for Chinese President Xi Jinping and the people of Hong Kong.

Between the lines:

If Trump declined to sign the bill, it would still likely have the two-thirds support in Congress necessary to override a veto.

In a statement acknowledging the signing, Trump noted that certain aspects of the bill would “interfere” with his “constitutional authority to state the foreign policy of the US.

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Trump signs project against China over Hong Kong events

The aims of the project

US President Donald Trump said:

The project aims to make room for long-term peace by resolving differences between the governments of China and Hong Kong.

The project put forward by Republican Senator Marco Rubio received strong support from both 
  1. Republican
  2. Democratic sides

Hong Kong, a former British colony, has been experiencing its worst political crisis since its return to China in 1997.

Approving extradition to China

The crisis was sparked by

A protest movement against the attempt by the government of Chief Executive Kari Lam. In order to pass a controversial bill approving extradition to China, which officially withdrawn last October.

New demands by protests

However, protests continued and called for new demands.

Including more democratic reform:

  • An independent investigation into allegations of excessive violence by police during the protests.
  • The unconditional release of detainees, the non-description of the protests as riots.
  • As well as direct elections for the city’s chief executive.

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