Trump sacks US national security adviser John Bolton

John Bolton
The threat of war around the world is going down significantly as Bolton leaves the White House.

Trump has asked John Bolton to resign because he disagreed with many of his national security adviser’s proposals, while Bloomberg said the impeachment was due to a dispute over negotiating with the Taliban.

Donald Trump sacks US national security adviser John Bolton

US President Donald Trump said on his Twitter account that he had asked his national security adviser, John Bolton, to resign and that he had resigned this morning. “I told John Bolton last night that we no longer need his services at the White House,” Trump wrote in a tweet. He added in another tweet: “I do not agree with many of his suggestions.”

White House spokesman Hogan Gidley said Charlie Cooperman appointed acting national security adviser to replace Bolton.

“I asked John to resign, and he submitted it this morning,” Trump said. “I thank him very much for his services and I will appoint a new national security adviser next week.”

But John Bolton lied about Trump’s tweet, writing on his Twitter account saying he had offered to resign Trump on Monday evening, but Trump replied: “Let’s talk about it tomorrow.”

The move came as a surprise, with the White House announcing an hour before Trump announced that Bolton would attend a joint news conference with Secretary of State Mike Pompeo and Treasury Secretary Stephen Mnuchin.

Trump has pointed to differences with Bolton on foreign policy.

Trump told NBC in June:

John Bolton is a hawk, if it is up to him, to attack the whole world at the same time. But that doesn’t matter because I want both sides.

Bloomberg reported The dismissal came because of a dispute over negotiations with the Taliban.

Bolton, Trump’s third national security adviser:

Appears to be fighting many battles inside the White House, and more recently over Afghanistan and North Korea. contrary to the president’s wishes. Bolton was also behind a tough approach to countries such as Iran and Venezuela.

The threat of war around the world is going down significantly as Bolton leaves the White House. Republican Senator Rand Paul quoted as saying by Bloomberg.

In contrast, Mitt Romney said, according to Bloomberg that:

Bolton’s different views “are the reason why I want to remain present” in the White House. “I am very sad for his departure,” Romney said.

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