Trump returns to the stage with clear promises of research

Trump returns to the stage with clear promises of research

President Donald Trump appeared unable to escape the stage — amid caution that his divisive White House briefings were held in the wake of the controversy about his disinfectant injection musings last Thursday.

And he was back with a new, ambitious pledge to revolutionize the research that America requires to safely expand the economy — but the effort seemed as underwhelming as his prior promises to reform the outdated coronavirus detection program.

In his “right choices,” Trump celebrated saving more than a million lives and proclaimed that “there’s a demand for reopening” the country, and “it’s happening better than you can expect,” while giving a false perception that the epidemic is all but vanquished in the major cities of the world.

Trump’s new strategy

“We are leveraging the full force of the federal government,” Trump said even as he unrolled a strategy complete with a demonstration of a shiny power point that fell just short of the amount of monitoring — several million a day — that some analysts claim is required to keep the pathogen at bay. Although the federal participation is stepping up. The blueprint still enshrines full responsibility for testing in states. That have failed to access adequate check sets, swabs and reagents for diagnosis.

That was the apparence of He’s “reporting.” Besides a few quick walk-ons by senior public health leaders. The remainder of his monolog was back at the Trump show in the waning sunshine of a spring evening.

After this, he spent the weekend in Twitter tears, which included retweeting a unfounded conspiracy theory. That claimed Trump critics were inflating the death rate of the virus in order to “steal the presidency.”

But it was a reminder. If They needed noone. That Trump is unlikely to heed friends’ fear that his failure to cede the spotlight in out-of-control appearances. At daily news conferences on coronavirus weakened his chances of reelection. Trump’s current press department at the White House. Which allegedly plans to limit his time on television. And said there will be no briefing on Monday before heading back into humiliating mode. He may want to take this into account.

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