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Trump: Iran is responsible for the attack on American embassy in Baghdad

Trump threatens Iran after embassy attack, but remains reluctant to get more involved in region.

US President Donald Trump accused Iran of masterminding the blockade of thousands of supporters of the popular crowd in Iraq for the American embassy in Baghdad. Trump blamed Tehran for the attack on the embassy, ​​calling on the Iraqi authorities to prevent the protection and security of the embassy.

Trump: Iran is responsible for the attack on our embassy

The American President indicated in a tweet on Twitter that:

An American was killed and others wounded in the attacks that targeted a US military base in Kirkuk, accusing Iran of being involved in this attack.

Trump wrote in his tweet:

  • Iran killed an American and wounded others.
  • “We responded strongly, and we will always do so. Now Iran is organizing an attack on the US embassy in Iraq, and they will bear full responsibility.”
  • “We expect Iraq to use its forces to protect the embassy, ​​and he has told us.”

The American embassy in the Iraqi capital

  • Thousands of supporters of the popular Iranian-backed crowd demonstrated in front of the American embassy in the Green Zone in the Iraqi capital, Baghdad, on Tuesday.
  • As well as, in protest against the American airstrikes on the headquarters of the Iraqi Hezbollah in Syria and Iraq, which killed 25 people, on Sunday.
  • Finally, the Iraqi security forces outside the embassy are trying to calm the demonstrators and demanding them not to escalate.

The Iraqi Ministry of Interior said that:

The Interior Minister and a number of members of parliament are trying to calm the demonstrators. So, some of whom tried to climb the walls of the embassy.

Social media pioneers

leaders of the Popular Mobilization Forces
  1. deputies in the Iraqi parliament participated in the demonstrations.
  2. Including Abu Mahdi Al-Mohandis, deputy head of the Popular Mobilization Forces and leader of the Iraqi Hezbollah militia.
  3. Finally, Qais Khazali, leader of the Asiab Ahl Al-Haq militia supported by Iran.

Demonstrators in front of the embassy headquarters

Eventually, Dozens of demonstrators began erecting tents in front of the embassy headquarters, in addition to the preparation for the sit-in. While video clips showed a fire in one of the gates of the US embassy headquarters.

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