Trump retweets Biden’s Russian propaganda

Trump retweets Biden’s Russian propaganda

Sunday night, President Donald Trump retweeted Russian propaganda about former Vice President Joe Biden that was previously revealed by the U.S. intelligence community as part of Moscow ‘s continuing attempt to “denigrate” the Democrat before the November referendum.

Late Sunday, Trump promoted a tweet featuring audiotapes of a 2016 exchange between Biden and then-Ukrainian President Petro Poroshenko — content published earlier this year by Andriy Derkach, a Ukrainian congressman identified by the U.S. intelligence community in his speech of August 7 on Russia’s operation against Biden for misinformation. US authorities have branded Derkach’s activities as deception. Because they are intentionally mean to spread deceptive or misleading Biden information.

Russian propaganda for Biden?

By retweeting material that the U.S. government has already labeled as propaganda — and by doing so with the Democratic National Convention 2020 kicking off on Monday — Trump has once again demonstrated his willingness to capitalize on foreign election interference for his own political gain.

There is no evidence of wrongdoing on the Biden and Poroshenko tapes. Yet Trump and his supporters, as well as media outlets owned by the Kremlin. They used the recordings to drum up conspiracies regarding Biden’s relations with Ukraine.

Sen. Mark Warner, the Senate Intelligence Committee’s top Democrat. He responded to Trump’s retweet Monday by calling on the President to intensify Russian disinformation.

“The US president will never be a ready mouthpiece of Russian propaganda,” Warner wrote in his own tweet.

Trump’s promotion of this misinformation comes as Biden is going to accept this week’s Democratic presidential nomination. And it raises a huge threat to US intelligence and national security agencies charged with defending the 2020 election. This is from international intervention.

A Twitter spokesman told CNN on Monday that the Trump retweeted account had got a suspension. “For platform manipulation and spam violations of the Twitter Rules”. The original post, containing snippets of the Biden tapes, was also no longer online as of Monday evening.

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