Trump backs down on rating Mexican drug cartels

Will Trump Label Mexican Cartels Terrorist Groups?

US President Donald Trump on Friday backed down from declaring his intention to classify Mexican drug cartels as “terrorist organizations”. He justifies his retreat as coming at the request of his Mexican counterpart Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador.

Mexican drug cartels as “terrorist organizations”

  • US President called last month for a “war” against Mexican drug cartels.
  • After the killing of three Mormon women and six children of US and Mexican citizenship.
  • But Mexico considered his call an unwanted interference.

Mexican officials

  1. They asked for clarification of US President statements.
  2. So, they wanted to make progress in efforts to stem the flow of arms and money from the United States to criminal gangs in Mexico.

Trump backs down on rating Mexican drug cartels

  • The reaction of the Mexican Foreign Minister Marcelo Ebrard was more powerful.
  • As well as, he considered that “Mexico will never allow any action that means violating its national sovereignty.”

Will Trump Label Mexican Cartels Terrorist Groups?

Trump said in a tweet on Friday evening that:

  1. “All necessary measures have been completed to declare drug cartels terrorist organizations”.
  2. In addition, He returned to announce that this step has been stopped out of respect for the Mexican President.
  3. Finally, “We will delay this classification temporarily and intensify our joint efforts to deal firmly with these evil and ever-growing organizations.”

Trump noted his admiration for President Lopez Obrador:

Who “has worked well with us.”

Eberhard praised Trump’s decision in a tweet saying:

“The cooperation has succeeded and there will be good results.”

Eventually, The Mormons died on a rural road between the states of Sonora and Chihuahua. A region where drug cartels struggling to control smuggling routes to the United States are active.

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