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Trump attacking Pelosi: pray for it is very sick!

Trump attacking Pelosi
Nancy is in a nervous breakdown

US President Donald Trump tweeted on Tuesday, Trump attacking Pelosi that he was sceptical of the mental strength of House Speaker Nancy Pelosi.

Trump attacking Pelosi

Trump criticized Pelosi in a stinging manner:

“Nancy Pelosi is in urgent need of urgent help. She either suffers from a defect in her upper part, or she simply does not like our wonderful country. She was suffering from a complete nervous breakdown in the White House. Pray for it, she is a very sick person. ”

The US president also published several photographs of his meeting with congressional leaders on the situation in Syria and the Turkish military operation.

“Nancy is in a nervous breakdown,” Trump wrote, while another in the Senate’s Democratic Minority Party, Chuck Schumer, and House Majority Leader Steny Hoyer, both vacated. Democrats do nothing, Pelosi and Schumer rushed out of the office.

Donald Trump during the meeting with congressional leaders

The US president appears to be avenged by strong criticism from the speaker of the House of Representatives, who announced earlier that Donald Trump “exploded anger” during the meeting with congressional leaders. While Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer said that the White House master described Pelosi as Third-degree politician.

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