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Trump and Bloomberg .. sarcasm and an exchange of insults

Trump and Bloomberg
Donald Trump Attacks 'Mini Mike' Bloomberg in Twitter.

Trump and Bloomberg, US President Donald Trump and Mike Bloomberg, who aspires to nominate him for the Democratic Party in this year’s elections, exchanged sarcastic criticism on Sunday. As well as, indicating that the Bloomberg campaign is ready to respond to Trump‘s insults.

Trump and Bloomberg .. sarcasm and an exchange of insults

Trump’s insults to Bloomberg campaign

Trump‘s comments to Fox News, accompanied by a series of Twitter posts late Saturday.

He indicated that:

The US president is anxiously following billionaire Bloomberg, the former mayor of New York, as a strong competitor.

Trump said in an interview that:

  • Bloomberg, who is about 5 feet 8 inches tall, compared to Trump, 6 feet 3 inches tall, asked for a chest to stand during democratic debates.
  • As well as, Trump, who has often blamed his political opponents
  • Finally, Trump posted a series of tweets on Twitter on Saturday evening in which Bloomberg called “Mini Mike“.

Donald Trump’s sarcasm Tweets

Trump’s series of Twitter posts late Saturday

Bloomberg campaign

The Bloomberg campaign denied that:

It requested a fund to stand on, and in turn, the campaign targeted the person of the American President and his organization.

Bloomberg spokeswoman Juliwood said:

“The president is lying. He is lying about everything: his wigs, his fat, the spray he uses, and so on.”

Bloomberg’s Tweets replying on Trump’s tweets

In a poll
  1. Firstly, Bloomberg ranked third among the aspirants to run for the Democratic Party in the November elections.
  2. Eventually, spending millions of dollars of his own money on propaganda.

Some Trump advisers say in private conversations that:

They fear Bloomberg will win the Democratic nomination because he is able to spend an estimated $1 billion or more of his $60 billion fortune to become President of the United States.

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