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The United States Transportation Invention unlike any other before!

United States
Reveal the technology to transport people to anywhere in the world within an hour in the United States.

The United States Transportation Invention has a technology that allows people to be transported to anywhere in the world in as little as an hour, said Lieutenant and Retired General Stephen Coast.

The United States Transportation Invention

An American military reveals a transportation invention unlike any other before!

Stephen Coast, a retired US Army team, said:

  • The United States has the technology thanks to which it can move people to any point on the globe in less than an hour.
  • In addition, This technology created today, independently, and not the development of other technology that previously made.
  • Finally, This technology allows the transfer of any person from any point on the ground to any other place in less than an hour.

Criticize the new invention

“The Drive” website published a quote:

“The technology of delivering anyone from anywhere on the planet to anywhere else in less than an hour is not a development of current technologies.”

The American leaflet notes that:

The retired general’s statements based on

Other statements by the US military about

  • The existence of a number of strange natural phenomena.
  • These statements indicate the Pentagon’s interest in increasing investment in innovation in the space sector.
It is worth noting that Lieutenant and Retired General Stephen Coast participated in many combat operations such as
  • The Desert Shield operation

That the United States carried out during the second Gulf War and Operation Desert Storm that took place in 1991.

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