The UAE’s humanitarian role in Yemen: generous and inclusive

UAE's humanitarian role
The UAE support againist Houthi-Iranian.

The UAE’s humanitarian role in Yemen: generous and inclusive. What is important for the UAE is the independence, pride, and development of the Yemeni people. Who suffer from difficult circumstances, such as the

  • Houthi coup
  • blatant Iranian interventions

That have undermined the security and stability of Yemen and the entire region.

The UAE’s humanitarian role in Yemen

The humanitarian role played by the UAE in Yemen-based on

  • Institutional work
  • A rational system

In providing services and contributing to addressing the crises and problems of society and individuals in the liberated Yemeni cities.

Without neglecting any aspect of the humanitarian aspects, until the areas that liberated from the clutches of Al-Houthi have arrived.

To the required point of mastering the wisdom of the UAE leadership. Which has taken on the responsibility of taking the Yemeni people out of their historical ordeal.

The UAE support againist Houthi-Iranian

The UAE affirms that the support of the Yemeni people in the face of the Houthi-Iranian oppression is indispensable to establish peace and stability and security in the region and the world.

This was evident in the confinement of terrorist activities and the disruption of the Iranian project aimed at undermining security and stability as a first step to implement Safavid projects at the expense of countries.

Humanitarian aid to the Yemeni people has been and remains the cornerstone of

  • Restoring legitimacy plundered by the Houthis and thwarting plans for the Yemeni of Yemen.

The UAE’s role in Yemen Reconstruction

Many experts and followers and the spectrum of the Yemeni people have referred to the constructive steps taken by the UAE to help the Yemeni people in the country’s reconstruction.

As well as, Stressing that the current circumstances call for Yemen to open the door to developing areas of

  • Economic cooperation
  • Political cooperation

So, With friendly countries, especially the UAE and Saudi Arabia. Because of the Yemeni people have great common interests with these countries that

  • Saved it from falling into Iranian hands.

The Houthi coup revealed to the Yemeni people who are friendly countries and brotherly, and who are the aggressor states and authorities and the owner of the destructive plans and foreign agendas.

The UAE’s humanitarian role in Yemen Re-hope

The UAE, within the Arab coalition led by Saudi Arabia, endeavored in order to restore Yemeni legitimacy after being kidnapped by the Iranian-backed Houthi militia. So, It was necessary to reduce the repercussions of the war on civilians.

The UAE worked to:

  • restore hope to Yemenis
  • reduce the suffering of civilians

The UAE’s humanitarian role in the areas of

  • Health
  • Education
  • Nutrition
  • Environment
  • As well as, Direct financial assistance

Despite the difficulty of this work inherent in obstructing the Houthis of this assistance. In order to double the suffering of the people. In order to show that this military operation International legitimacy, which comes in the fight against terrorism as a war against civilians.

So, It should be emphasized that the UAE’s role in Yemen is an unlimited humanitarian role. Which based on noble goals and various means to

  • In order to ensure the achievement of those goals

Eventually, Achieve results that have a very positive impact on the life of the Yemeni citizen after suffering the scourge of war caused by the Houthi coup.

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