The UAE Greeting Preventive Methods against coronavirus

The Greeting Preventive Methods Implementation

The United Arab Emirates (UAE) became the first country in the region to issue a warning against nose rub greeting to help prevent the spread of the deadly novel coronavirus outbreak.

There are many cultures and salutations in different countries of the world, but it has not been officially announced to avoid the recognized salutations in any country except in the two countries;

  1. China
  2. United Arab Emirates (UAE)

The UAE Precedence

Greeting Preventive methods implementation

The GCC countries implement preventive methods in order to avoid the coronavirus spread among its citizens.

The United Arab Emirates (UAE) took precedence in announcing the avoidance of Nose-to-nose greetings in the Arab countries, in order to avoid any contact that might harm its citizens even though it is one of the customs inherited by them.

Khaleeji greetings traditions

Nose-to-nose greetings – aka Eskimo kisses – have been part of Arab and Khaleeji traditions for centuries.

Ministries of health:

It’s traditions like these that ministries of health across the region are attempting to reverse as illnesses like the coronavirus spread around the globe via close contact.

Corona’s special greeting

Greeting with the elbow

Amid the outbreak of the coronavirus, the ‘ Greeting with the elbow’ method became popular in China.

Instead of Greeting in the hands, the medical staff and patients use the elbow salute. In order to show support for each other without any physical contact.

The new method of salutation

This phenomenon spread among doctors in China to support each other. Until it became prevalent in China as a modern phenomenon and known as “Corona’s special greeting”.

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