The UAE Armed Forces Effective Role in Yemen

UAE Armed Forces

The UAE Armed Forces Effective Role in Yemen. The United Arab Emirates is the best Arab army , because it invested in high-quality professional military education, remained small in size, and actively sought opportunities to partner in realistic operations with NATO forces.

It was reported on July 8 that the UAE would begin the gradual withdrawal of its military forces from Yemen. On the one hand, UAE forces deserve to rest after five years of ongoing operations in Yemen.

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The withdrawal began, although Yemen remains very fragile:

The gains the UAE has made in removing Houthi and al-Qaeda rebels from large areas of Yemen and restoring what is like effective governance. This is evident in the current interactive fighting in Aden, Yemen’s second-largest city.

A number of impressions on the lessons that the UAE and other interested parties will draw from the UAE’s intervention in Yemen:

 Before the Yemen War:

But, They never planned and carried out an entire operation on their own which fully utilized their air force and their entire air transport ships.

The UAE has been working side by side with NATO forces in Kosovo, Afghanistan, and Libya.

The United States has unilaterally thwarted the UAE’s operation to save southern Yemen from the Houthis.

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The UAE Armed Forces Effective Role in Yemen

Lessons learned from the UAE war in Yemen:

Eventually, The UAE Armed Forces decided to start and win complex combat operations on their own. When the UAE special forces began to retreat from the advance of the Houthi rebels in Aden in April 2015, they were almost entirely alone.

As well as, The role of the UAE was evident during the period of its presence in Yemen and highlighted its ability to plan and implement

The UAE effective role in Yemen and Human Rights:

The UAE has planned dozens of major combat operations in Yemen, which includes:

  1. Urban Wars
  2. Amphibious landing
  3. Armored Pursuit Millions
  4. Precision strikes

Despite the war tactics but also took into account the following:

  • Taking into account NATO standards of humanitarian law
  • Non-combatant immunity
  • Stabilization and reconstruction
  • Unconventional warfare with support from local agents

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