The role of Qatar in destabilizing EU through flowing Syrian refugees to Europe


After 8 years of Syrian war since 2011, the role of Qatar in killing, destruction & displacement of Syrians is getting clear as crystal.

Starting from supporting Muslim Brotherhood to penetrate the body of Syrian opposition that had a negative impact on unifying patriots against Syrian regime ending with shipping weapons to extremists that caused shifting peaceful Syrian demonstrations into a fierce war responsible of killing more than 300,000 innocent Syrian souls.

The leader of Al-Qaeda in Afghanistan Ousama Bin Ladin besides the leader of ISIS El-Baghdady were members of that organization when they started their dark career in terrorism.

Qatar established lots of media channels to spread hatred & violence in addition to distortion of truth that affected the Sunni bloc between Qatar and Arab countries to be ruptured.

Royal family members as Abdul Qarim al-Thani in addition to officials as minister of Municipality of Qatar, Al – Subaie raised campaigns in 2013 to finance Al-Qaeda in Syria using its non-governmental charitable organizations to smuggle weapons & money for extremists in cooperation with Turkish Red Crescent under the name of human aids for Syrian refugees.

As a result of that ongoing war, Syrians tent to seek asylum in neighbor countries as Turkey, Lebanon, Jordan & EU. According to Eurostat figures, no of Syrian refugees skyrocketed to 1.3 million in 2016 after it was just 200,000 in 2006 considered one of the massive migrations since World War II. The effect of refugees on economies of European countries is subject to many factors to be measured accurately.

EU must provide shelter & food along with educating children & adults in order to be ready for entering local labor markets.

The impact of refugees on economy will appear on the long term whether its positive or negative on labor supply and economic growth depends on to what extend EU countries managed to embed them into fabric of their economic society.

The dependency ratio of old-age in EU-28 rose from 28.8% in 2015 to 50.3%. The last refugees reached Europe are young 50% of those are between 18 and 34 besides 1/3 younger than 18 could help relieving the burden of providing pension & healthcare systems for retirees.




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