The nuclear disaster occurred in Russia

nuclear disaster occurred in Russia
The real danger in radioactive leakage.

The whole world is now overturned by The nuclear disaster occurred in Russia at the moment. Which, it says is small and assured and which says it is big and still many, but the whole world speaks fears and worries.

What are the details of the nuclear accident ?!

On August 5, Russians who lived in northern Russia woke up to the sound of a terrible explosion from a large arms shop in Akinsk.

They felt like an explosion, but it’s not a normal explosion. nuclear disaster occurred in Russia like what happened in Hiroshima Kida.

This is not the first time that The nuclear disaster occurred in Russia or at the hands of the Russians:

Authorities in Russia said it was an explosion in a missile test, but a normal explosion with no casualties.

But the atmosphere was not reassuring, the bloody sunset, or the red light that appeared after sunset in the sky.

We return to Russia an hour after the explosion, all the sirens were blown up in the Akinsk region and the surrounding towns and villages.

The Russian government then ordered that more than 100,000 people sit in the surrounding areas in their homes.

The actions have exposed the Russian government:

The Russian government distributed potassium and iodine known as needy not only in nuclear disaster occurred in Russia because people exposed to radioactive iodine through the thyroid gland.

There is no dispute that we are facing a nuclear catastrophe, but the government continued to deny it.

Despite the proliferation of images and videos of the nuclear disaster occurred in Russia and images of villages that literally destroyed.

Because people surprised that Russia sold the Oran 6-Who is ready to deal with cases of radiation leakage.

How the world scientists discovered this disaster?!

The real danger in radioactive leakage remains when scientists from all over the world tell you that:

There is an increase in the atmospheric rate of ruthenium 106, and talk of radioactive leakage is beginning to affect the whole world.

On August 9 at night, a strange increase in radiation appeared in a city called Arkhangelsk in Russia, sounded the siren, distributed iodine and potassium to people, and ordered them to sit at home, but by one margin. Meters from Akinsk.

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Finally, Vladimir and his government acknowledged this nuclear explosion:

They admitted that five people killed in the blast, describing them as heroes.

This is partly because news has already spread around the world and there are fears of radioactive disasters in most parts of the world.

There are concerns about the transport of radioactive materials in Eve and access to

  • The Middle East
  • Western Europe in days

Then Russia decided to close the trade and shipping route in the White Sea for a month.

Previous mistakes of Russia:

Unfortunately, Russia was not the first time that ZD had hidden the important news of the Chernobyl Brdo incident.

Which prevented its publication for so long that it acknowledged the disaster, due to the form of a monastic monster. To the extent that there was news that they had dumped the bodies of scientists who had died in Sea to detect.

The subject is really moving and clear that we engaged in nuclear disaster, cancers and climate change.

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