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The most serious 10 incidents of firing in recent decades in America

10 incidents of firing

The most serious 10 incidents of firing in recent decades in America. On Saturday, 29 people were killed and dozens wounded in separate shootings in three states of the country, recalling the heaviest mass shootings in recent US history.

United States witnessed mass shootings:

It is not surprising that the United States witnessed mass shootings within a period of not more than 24 hours.

Attention to the Archives of Armed Violence:

What drew attention, according to the Archives of Armed Violence, is that the incidents carry numbers 250 and 251 in the list of mass shootings in the United States during 2019 alone.

On 216 September 2019, the United States witnessed two shooting incidents in Texas and Ohio, 250 and 251 during the year, the organization said in a statement on Twitter.

The shooting in the city of El Paxo, Texas, which killed 20 people, “is the bloodiest this year,” she said.

It also stressed that mass shootings “have become commonplace in the United States.”

In January, 21 people were killed in mass shootings, 21 on February, 20 on March, 34 in April and 49 in May in sporadic shootings in 2019.

It also reported 53 deaths in June, 44 in July and 29 in one day in August.

Overall, the United States has seen 33,000 incidents involving armed violence and weapons possession this year alone.

The most serious 10 incidents of firing in nearly seven decades in the United States, four occurred in Texas.

As follows:

1. Las Vegas attack 58 dead
2 – Orlando attack 49 dead
3 – University of Virginia attack 32 dead
4 – Attack of the school «Sandy Hawk» 27 dead
5 – Sutherland Spring Church attack 26 dead
6 – attack the cafeteria «lobby» 23 dead
7. Attack McDonald’s San Yessidro restaurant 21 dead
8. Wal-Mart’s El Paso attack killed 20
9. University of Texas attack 18 dead
10 – Parkland attack 17 dead

What is “internal terrorism”?!

“internal terrorism”

It is defined as dangerous acts of human life, in violation of the criminal laws of the United States or any state.

Which aims to intimidate civilians and influence government.

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