The large spread of Coronavirus hits the world

The Coronavirus hits the United States

Horror and fear continue to hit the world, with the continued proliferation of the Coronavirus and its appearance in many countries. After its appearance in Wuhan in China at first, to extend to Thailand, Korea, and the United States.

Horror is sweeping the world because of Corona. The United States withdraws its citizens from Wuhan. Russia calls on China and a shocking surprise about the number of victims.

The large spread of Coronavirus hits the world

The China International TV Network announced:

The death of the first doctor with the Coronavirus, called “Liang Wudong”, the doctor who was treating patients from Wuhan.

The British newspaper “Daily Mail” in the past hours

According to Chinese scientists

The coronavirus is the source of bats, so I warned the Chinese people against eating nocturnal animals or snakes.

The Russian Ministry announcement

Russian Deputy Minister of Health, Oleg Salagay, said:

Seven cases of new Coronavirus (one of which is fatal) were recorded in the Chinese administrative regions bordering Russia.

While Canada said:

  • It had discovered the first infection from the new Coronavirus.

The Chinese authorities declaration

  1. Toronto’s public health authorities said:
  2. They received notification of the first confirmed case of coronavirus in a resident who recently returned from the Chinese city of Wuhan.
  3. As well as, the death toll from the new Coronavirus was high.
  4. Finally, the number of deaths rose to 54 people after the authorities in Hubei Province announced 13 additional deaths and 323 confirmed new cases.

The Shanghai government said:

  • It recorded its first case.

The number of confirmed infections nationwide

According to figures from Hubay:

  1. The epicentre of the epidemic.
  2. The number of confirmed infections nationwide increased to 1610 people.
  3. As it based on figures previously published by the central government.

The United States withdraws its citizens from Wuhan

As a result, the US State Department announced an urgent decision by the United States regarding the spread of the new Coronavirus in China.

The US State Department said:

It will evacuate US nationals from the Chinese city of Wuhan, where the Corunavirus is spreading.

The Russian embassy in China stated that:

It is discussing with the local authorities the organization of the evacuation of its Russian citizens from the central province of Hubei, with its capital, Wuhan, closed due to the outbreak of the Coronavirus.

Tech Times stated that:
  1. The Chinese company Huawei decided to postpone the company’s 2020 developer conference.
  2. Which scheduled to be held in February to March.
  3. Due to the Coronavirus, which spread widely in a number of countries.

So, the company decided to postpone its conference to maintain its staff due to the spread of the virus in different parts of China. The conference was to be held on February 11 and 12, and it was postponed to March 27 and 28.

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