The Deadly Coronavirus leakage

On the genetic and drug trail to contain the deadly coronavirus in China

Coronavirus leakage from a laboratory supplying biological weapons to China, Maria Burke, in Komsomolskaya Pravda, wrote about differing opinions between the fact that the new virus had leaked from a Chinese institute to produce a biological weapon, and that it was an American act against China.

From where did the deadly Coronavirus leak?

 Maria Burke, wrote an article says:

  1. The deadly Coronavirus continues its path through China and threatens to spread to other countries.
  2. The new virus had leaked from a Chinese institute to produce a biological weapon.

What is the first city to be covered by Coronavirus?

Ironically, there is in Wuhan, the first city to be covered by quarantine, a leading biological and chemical laboratory in China.

According to former Israeli intelligence officer Danny Shoham:

  1. Working at the Wuhan Institute of Virology
  2. As well as, It is not just about looking for drugs for dangerous diseases.
  3. Finally, The laboratory participated in a secret program to create biological weapons.

The deadly Coronavirus leakage

Igor Nikulin, a former member of the UN Biological Weapons Committee, said:

Before the Chinese New Year, if this is an act of sabotage, then it will be more external than internal.

  • I doubt that the virus has come out of the biological laboratory.
  • In addition, the timing and location of the outbreak perfectly chosen.
  • Wuhan, in the heart of the country, is a major transport and proliferation centre.

Coronavirus regional pandemic

Meanwhile, Professor of Medical Sciences, Director of the Laboratory for Immunization and Immunotherapy against Allergic Diseases at the Institute for Scientific Research in Vaccines and Sera, Mikhail Kostinov, sees the possibility that the Coronavirus originated in China .. but it is unlikely that it has come out of the laboratory.

Eventually, If the virus had spread in the laboratory, it would have spread among the institute’s staff first, but this did not happen. This is a regional pandemic, and I think it will subside quickly.

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