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Thanksgiving storms have hit the northeastern United States

Thanksgiving storms
Hundreds Of Flights Canceled, Thousands More Delayed As Winter Storm Moves East

Winter Thanksgiving storms hit the northeastern United States, cancelling thousands of flights. Which caused major unrest for travellers on their way back to their cities after Thanksgiving in the United States on Sunday.

The northeastern United States was hit by Thanksgiving storms

The fast-moving storm temporarily delayed or cancelled thousands of flights in the United States on Tuesday, paralyzing the movement.

In South Dakota

As, Nine people died Saturday when a small plane crashed shortly after take-off, while a winter storm warning issued.

The National Weather Service said in a bulletin issued on Sunday

“The intercontinental Thanksgiving storms which caused snow and strong winds on the plains of the west and north of the United States reached the Great Lakes region”.

The cancellation of airlines flights

The traffic chaos comes at a time when airlines were expecting a busy day of air traffic, with 3.1 million passengers trying to fly.

Eventually, many airlines cancelled flight switches for people who booked to travel from airports damaged by the Thanksgiving storms.

The Unsafe Situations for Travellers

According to the American Automobile Federation

Roads also become unsafe for travellers who prefer to travel by road. After parts of the US hit by

  1. A wave of heavy rain
  2. Snow
  3. Heavy winds as the Thanksgiving storms move across the country

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