Tehran frees its British tanker Detained to have

Tehran frees
The British oil tanker "Stena Imbro" could leave Iranian waters.

Tehran frees its British tanker Detained to have. Iranian government spokesman Ali Rubaie said on Monday that the British oil tanker “Stena Imbro” could leave Iranian waters.

Tehran frees its British tanker

As well as, Rubaie added that administrative procedures regarding the release of the British tanker were over.

The Iranian shipping company

The end of the legal procedures for the British oil tanker, that it can leave Iranian waters.

Pointing out that:

In addition to “The decision to end the detention of” Stina Imbro “was made after overlooking its violations of the rules of navigation.”

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The Iranian Revolutionary Guards

The Iranian Revolutionary Guards seized the tanker “Stena Imbro” in the Strait of Hormuz last July 19 for

  • Allegedly violating the laws of navigation
  • Took it to the port of Bandar Abbas

Eventually, Tehran has already released 18 Indian sailors from the crew of the British tanker “Stina Imbro”. Which comprises 23 people of Indian, Russian, Philippine and Latvian nationality.

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