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Tampon Tax of Georgia to be Removed by State’s Lawmakers


Menstrual products  have already been exempted from sales tax of Columbia’s distract in addition to 10 states.

Democratic lawmakers besides women’s rights activists joined at Georgia’s capitol Tuesday  in order to support legislation that removes taxes on menstrual products.

Debbie Buckner, Democrat State Rep. introduced a bill in January aims to end the state’s “tampon tax” which refers to unexempted products from taxes.

Sales tax rate in Georgia is 4%.

Georgia will be state no. 11 with such policy if legislation passes, according to Atlanta Journal-Constitution.

U.S. Food and Drug Administration recognizes menstrual products as medical devices although the state never’t tax other nonprescription medical devices like insulin syringes.

“While I realize, and have heard from several people, that this topic is uncomfortable to talk about, we must realize that in Georgia meeting basic human needs and treating people with dignity and respect is the only way that we can be the best Georgia we can be”, Buckner stated to Journal-Constitution.

Females age 10 to 54 spend $63 annually/person on menstrual products, according to state’s Department of Audits and Accounts.

Georgia Emergency Management Agency provides menstrual products to women receive aid from the state after Hurricane Michael.

“The sales tax on these items does not amount to much. But when you’re trying to figure out if you can give your kid milk money or if you have enough to get your own lunch then it is impactful in a very significant way”, Brigid Kelly, Democrat Ohio state Rep. told NPR.

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