Struggle between India & Pakistan for Kashmir escalates


An Indian pilot is captured after Pakistan has shot down two Indian military jets as a measure of tension escalating between two nuclear powers over Kashmir.

India lost one MiG-21 fighter after Two Indian had crossed over to Pakistan side of de-facto border in Kashmir region in addition to carrying Pakistani airstrikes  into an “open space” on Indian side.



“My personal number is 27981, I am a Hindu”, The blindfolded pilot identified himself on a 49-second video to Pakistan soldiers.

Radio Pakistan on Twitter

The arrested Indian pilot #PakistanArmyZindabad #Budgam #PakistanAirForceOurPride #PakistanStrikesBack #PakistanZindabaad

Another video is spreading on social media shows residents in Pakistan-controlled Kashmir beat the pilot before the arrival of Pakistani soldiers.

Information Ministry on Twitter

Wreckges of Indian fighter planes burning. Well done Pakistan Air Force. The entire nation is proud of you.

“We planned it such that there would be no collateral damage, no casualties, but only to let India know that if you can come into our territory, we can also carry out strikes on your territory. If the situation escalates, it will be neither in my control nor Narendra Modi’s control. With the weapons (nuclear) that we own and you own, can we afford a miscalculation?”, Pakistani Prime Minister, Imran Khan’a statement to the nation.

Complete PM Imran Khan Address To The Nation On Pakistan Striking India

Prime Minister Imran Khan Complete Speech to the nation today on Pakistan response to India at the Line of Control and shooting down Indian Air Force jet | 27 February 2019 24 News HD is one of the leading news channels of Pakistan bringing you the latest current affairs from Pakistan and around the world.

On the other hand, Official Spokesman of Indian ministry of External Affairs stated loss of a jet & its pilot demanding the release of its fighter pilot describing them as a “vulgar display of an injured personnel”.

Raveesh Kumar on Twitter

Statement by Official Spokesperson today ➡️

  • The full script

Statement by Official Spokesperson on 27 February 2019

Statement by Official Spokesperson on 27 February 2019

  • Video of the media briefing

Indian Air Force Shot down one Pak fighter aircraft; India’s pilot missing: MEA Raveesh Kumar

MiG lost, pilot missing in action, MEA says after Pakistan shows video of captured IAF wing commander At a briefing in New Delhi, Ministry of External Affairs spokesperson Raveesh Kumar said an Indian Air Force MiG-21 Bison was lost this morning while thwarting Pakistani fighter jets that had entered Indian airspace.

MEA summoned the Acting High Commissioner of Pakistan this afternoon to protest at aggression & provocation by Pakistan against India.

Raveesh Kumar on Twitter

Pakistan demarched on the act of aggression against India The Acting High Commissioner of Pakistan was summoned this afternoon by MEA to lodge a strong protest at the unprovoked act of aggression by Pakistan against India earlier today

  • The full script

Pakistan demarched on the act of aggression against India

Pakistan demarched on the act of aggression against India

Nine airports in northern India have now reopened as long as Pakistani airspace has entirely closed.

CAA Pakistan on Twitter

Civil Aviation Authority of #Pakistan has officially closed its airspace until further notice & issued NOTAM. ??

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