‘rot in hell’ instead of dreaming of returning back to UK, Piers Morgan’s message to Begum


After staying for 4 years in Syria marrying ISIS terror jihadists & giving birth to 3 children, Begum 19-years-old schoolgirl demands returning back to UK.

Begum had an interview with BBC, where she demands UK’s forgiveness & to return back home in order to raise her last child Jarra from her terrorist husband Yago Riedijk.

PIERS Morgan wrote a clear opinion regarding Begum in his column  in MailOnline; “My message to both these brides, and any others like them, is this: You made your ISIS husband beds, now you can rot in hell in them. While their husbands are busy raping, torturing, stoning, beheading and murdering people, they have sex with them, they breed with them, they cook for them, they clean for them, they love them and they worship them. To which I say, and excuse my language here but sometimes it’s entirely appropriate: Go f*** yourselves”.

Not only Pierce refuses the return of Begum but also the British actress, Gemma Atkinson who wonders how Begum should be forgiven after joining ISIS group which is responsible for the death of twenty-two innocents 3027 Manchester bombing at Ariana Grande.

Here’s 22 reasons why that Isis bride should NOT be allowed back in the UK!!! #manchesterarena #neverforget ?❤️

78.7k Likes, 2,690 Comments – Gemma Atkinson (@glouiseatkinson) on Instagram: “Here’s 22 reasons why that Isis bride should NOT be allowed back in the UK!!! #manchesterarena…”

Begun showed her sympathy towards Manchester’s victims saying killing innocent life is always wrong. Although she claims what happened in Manchester is nothing compared to what US Coalition does everyday in Syria by killing civilians while targeting jihadists.

However, Some voices still defend Begum’s returning to UK. According to Danny Dyer, The British actor, Gegum is a victim. she is young, naive with no experience in life. She should return home to give her child a better life & she could be subject to trial if she is committed a crime in Syria.

Yes I do [think she should come back]. I feel she needs a chance maybe to explain what’s going on and we can understand a bit more how they got to her and how she felt it was right to jump on plane and leave this country at 15 years of age. She’s till a young girl and look at the people around her. Who was looking after her? Maybe we can learn from it”.


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