Qatari businessman pumped millions to Hezbollah

Qatari businessman pumped millions to Hezbollah

A German intelligence firm working for the Qatari government has suspected forces and entities inside the Gulf Kingdom of channeling funding to the Lebanese militant organization Hezbollah, published German news outlet Die Zeit over the weekend.

The contractor, known as “Jason G” in the article, said that during his tenure in Doha “major remarks about Israel were also made at one of the meetings by a Qatari diplomat who said they considered the Jews as their rivals.”

When operating in Doha, according to Die Zeit, the whistleblower compiled a file on multi-million contributions by Qatari investors to the Iran-backed Shiite terror party.

“Money flows came from several wealthy Qataris. And also exiled Lebanese people from Doha to Hezbollah. Donations are said to have been processed through a charity organization in Doha with the knowledge of influential government officials,” the whistleblower told the German outlet.

The findings are also capable of rising diplomatic pressure on Qatar and contributing to sanctions, added the paper.

Qatar funds Hezbollah and others

A “senior Qatari official” gave large amounts of money to the informant to keep the story under wraps. This is according to the reports.

Qatar, a major supporter of the Palestinian terrorist group Hamas in Gaza, has been embroiling in a bitter row with Saudi Arabia and several other Middle Eastern nations which placed an air blockade on Doha after accusing it of supporting radical Islamists and Iran.

A delegation of officials from the U.S. government flew to Qatar on Wednesday. In the wake of widespread media criticism of the suspected role of the country. In supporting the Hezbollah Lebanese militant organization.

The U.S. State Department also reported on Wednesday. That “Coordinator for Counter-Terrorism Envoy Nathan A. Sales is traveling to Doha , Qatar on August 12. To thank the country for its efforts to combat global terrorism. Also its contribution to a strong counter-terrorism and defense relationship with the U.S.”

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