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Qatar puts Trump’s political future under scrutiny

«The crisis of Qatar puts the future of Trump politically on the test».

«The crisis of Qatar puts the future of Trump politically on the test».

US President implicated himself in the face of accusations of spreading chaos.

Shortly after US President Donald Trump delivered a historic speech to the US Islamic Summit in Saudi Arabia.

A huge crisis of division between Qatar and the Gulf states erupted.

Which later turned into a long-term political crisis threatening the future of President Trump in the region.

On June 5, Saudi Arabia, the United Arab Emirates, Bahrain, and Egypt cut off diplomatic ties with Qatar.

Due to Doha’s accusation of supporting terrorism and complicity with Iran.

The countries of the province have also imposed an economic blockade on Qatar.

Including cutting off all :

  • food supplies
  • medicines
  • by closing land and sea borders.

Mystery Trump

US President Donald Trump has appeared in a vague position on his approach to the crisis through :

  • his tweets on the Twitter website
  • his offer to mediate the crisis

According to the National Interest magazine. Accusing him of spreading chaos and destabilizing the region.

Many interpreted Trump’s hints of supporting Saudi Arabia as a green light for a Gulf military intervention in Qatar to oust Prince Tamim bin Hamad and ensure the stability of Riyadh for a long time to come.

Double – sided game

The United States has been keenly supportive of maintaining strong relations with both sides of the conflict.

Whether Qatar or the Gulf States, at a time when they are each other as their enemy;

  • prompting them to strengthen their national defense
  • security programs in anticipation of a possible confrontation

road map

The escalation of the Gulf crisis has distracted the United States’ regional agenda.

Which, is aimed at defeating the terrorist organization and confronting Iran.

Moreover, the crisis in question inevitably compels Washington to choose one of the parties to be biased towards it.

Which, makes the best way to act is for Washington to develop a road map that provides measures to save all sides from the crisis.

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