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Qatar position on the American-Iranian crisis.

 The Qatari-Iranian position is well known in light of the American escalation.

That the Iranian-Qatari relations are based on the common hostile attitude against the United States and therefore is a common interest relationship.

Pointing out that Iran and Qatar are witnessing a political convergence in the positions of the countries of the region.

That the possibility of war between America and Iran impossible for several reasons:

  • Iran will not be able to afford this war financially under the embargo.
  • Nor is America an easy discount.
  • Adding that Trump can not bear this dangerous decision because Iran is not an easy enemy like Iraq.
  • The war resolution is also approved by the US Senate.

The Qatari-Iranian position is well known in light of the American escalation.

Qatar is leaning towards Iran because it is the only country supporting it after the Arab boycott.

Pointing out that Doha is exploiting the movements of Tehran in the Gulf region; to achieve more gains on all economic and military levels.

Qatar is pretending to be neutral to the international community, but in secret it will be more inclined to support the Iranian and Turkish sides against the American side

The country’s support for Iran is multiple and based on economic aid only through the smuggling of Iranian oil through the Kurdistan region of Iraq and selling it at prices below the internationally known prices to benefit the Iranian economy

Provide some basic needs of Iran such as food and life products

 As well as, supported by Iran militarily through the presence of some Iranian forces within the territory of Qatar to protect some important installations.

“Qatar can only support Iran economically, and always stands behind Iran, its spokesman and Turkey.”

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