Officially… Boston hosts the Laver Cup version 2020

Laver Cup version 2020
The fourth edition of the Laver Cup will be held in Boston.

The organizers of the Laver Cup version 2020 have officially announced the city that will host the new version of the event, after the third round in Geneva on Sunday.

Boston hosts the Laver Cup version 2020

The fourth edition of the Laver Cup will be held in Boston, one of the world’s largest sports cities, in the famous TD park from September 25 to 27, 2020.

The city of Boston is full of sports, including many major sports teams, including Boston Bruins ice hockey, Boston Celtics basketball, Boston Red Sox baseball and New England Patriots football.

Now the US city will host a new game, tennis, which will represent a different dimension to the city’s stunning sporting reputation, with the fourth Laver Cup arriving on its court.

The European team is competing with the world team to win the three-day Laver Cup, created to honor former game legends.

Tony Goodsick said:

TEAM8 chief executive and president of the Laver Cup.

  • “Boston is the perfect venue for the Laver Cup.”

“The city has a profound sporting culture, but it is also immersed in fascinating historical events, all of which correspond to the values of the Laffer Cup and its tribute to the rich tennis soil.”

The Laver Cup:

It is unlike anything else in world tennis. It takes place over an amazing weekend. bringing together the greatest of the current players as teammates, as well as great legends and competitors from previous generations.

The famous TD Park is home to Boston Celtics and Boston Bruins, New England’s largest sports and entertainment stadium, hosting over 3.5 million people annually at its world-renowned concerts and sporting events.

The modern site includes a 19,600-seat yard, a multi-million dollar HD video panel, and a redesigned 360-degree LED technology.

Steve Zachs, CEO of Laver Cup, said:

  • TD Park is a haven for sports enthusiasts.
  • The arena is close to completing an expansion plan of over $100 million.

World coach John McEnroe, who will continue with Bjorn Borg in his 2020 roles in Europe. Said he was excited because the host city was a sport-friendly city in Boston. Just 216 miles north of his base in New York on the eastern United States. coast.

This is an enormous sporting city and I expect fans to raise the roof of the home team. The Laver Cup 2018 has been incredibly fascinating thanks to the enthusiasm of the fans. Boston will certainly continue this tradition at TD Garden, one of the best places in the world. ”

  • Since debuting in Prague in 2017.
  • The Laver Cup organized in Chicago in 2018 and in Geneva.
  • Switzerland in 2019, where the host city alternates between Europe and the rest of the world.

The European team decided to win the Leverfi Cup in the third edition of 2019. Which was held recently in the Swiss capital of Geneva by defeating the world team by a score of 11-11. Following the victory of the German Alexander Zverev in the final and decisive game for the title.

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