Nobel Prize .. The oldest prize in history

Nobel Prize
What do you know about the oldest prize in history?

Every October, the whole world is waiting to see the names and winners of the various Nobel prizes. Here are the most important bases and conditions for candidates for this prestigious award throughout history, worth about the US $1 million.

The most important Nobel awards in the fields of

  • Science
  • Chemistry
  • Physics
  • Economics
  • Literature
  • Peace

Then the world will know the names of these scientists, writers, and activists who have had the greatest and most important influence on the progress of our human civilization through their achievements.

Conditions for the Nobel Prize

  1. A committee of 3,000 people
  2. The candidate must be alive
  3. The three bodies guaranteed by the nomination

Foundations of the Nobel Prize .. And what you do not know about the oldest prize in history.

First: a committee of 3,000 people

The nomination of the Nobel Prize nominees in various fields begins with a group of prominent and trusted academics in several fields. numbering about 3,000 people, who are searching for candidates from all over the world, according to their achievements in their fields.

After evaluating their work, the number of candidates is reduced from only a few thousand to 300. Then applications send to them every September.

Second, the candidate must be alive

One of the most important conditions for receiving the Nobel Prize is that the nominee is still alive. The award is never nominated or given to any deceased person. Regardless of the size and importance of his scientific achievements.

It is also possible for a candidate or former Nobel laureate, to be nominated again for discovery or new research he learned.

Third: The three bodies guaranteed by the nomination

  • Of the 6 Nobel Prizes, the Academy of Sciences and members of the Nobel Prize Committee nominated to nominate people in the fields mentioned at the top of the article.
  • Nominations for the Literature Prize entrusted to members of the Swedish Academy and a number of professors in linguistics and literature.
  • Finally, the Nobel Peace Prize nominates governments and a group of professors at major universities.

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