NASA congratulate UAE on Hope Probe inspiring mission

NASA congratulate UAE on Hope Probe's inspiring mission

NASA, the National Aeronautics and Space Administration, has congratulated the UAE on the completion of the Tanegashima Space Center’s Emirates Mars Mission in Japan, describing the hope probe as the result of considerable hard work and dedication.

The UAE successfully deployed its Mars-bound Hope Probe on Monday, marking the first interplanetary mission of the Arab world — and this summer’s first of three diplomatic missions to the Red Planet.

The ground control station’s first order was also sent to the Probe to deploy its solar panels, run its satellite navigation systems, and fire its rocket propulsion systems, essentially marking the beginning of the journey of the Probe to the Red Planet.

The trip is scheduled to last seven months, heading 493 m km away, before reaching the Martian orbit in February 2021, coinciding with the celebrations of the Golden Jubilee of the UAE.

Hope Probe is a mission of pride

“Thanks to the team who worked on @HopeMarsMission. What @UAESpaceAgency & @MBRSpaceCenter have done in such a short period is absolutely incredible. Hope is just what the world needs and thank you to the UAE & @MHI Group for encouraging us all,” he tweeted.

“We are in awe of the speed and determination. That the UAE has shown in the construction of the first interplanetary spacecraft. Both by the Mohammed Bin Rashid Space Center and the UAE Space Agency. Therefore, your contribution to promoting the knowledge of Mars in the world. By sharing openly the research and evidence generated by Hope reflects the ideals of harmony, goodwill and openness. That will be so important as mankind ventures ever deeper through the solar system.

“We are happy. We got to be able to support you on this project. Through American institutions like the University of Colorado at Boulder, Arizona State University and the University of California, Berkeley. We are still happy to promote contact with Hope through NASA’s Deep Space Network.

“All of us at NASA are enthusiastic about the possibilities for exciting future low-Earth orbit collaborations with the UAE and. Through the Artemis project, on and around the Moon for Mars’ ultimate target,’ he also said.

“Thank you again, and Go Hope! With “ended NASA president.

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