Ms Goulet: Qatar funds Hezbollah & Muslim Brotherhood

Ms Goulet: Qatar funds Hezbollah & Muslim Brotherhood

According to Ms Goulet, Qatar has been funding terrorism groups for a very long time.

Qatar’s weapons funding to Hezbollah threatened the lives of approximately 10,000 US troops in the region, Fox News reported on Wednesday.

A private security firm supplied the U.S. news media with a dossier showing that a Qatari royal family member had approved the transfer of military hardware to the Lebanon community.

Hezbollah and terrorism

The US and the EU have classified Hezbollah as a terrorist organization. It’s responsible for the deaths in Iraq and Lebanon of hundreds of US military personnel.

Qatar’s Al Udeid military base is home to squadrons from the US Air Force and US Central Command headquarters.

The records released by Fox News were checked by German intelligence officers, revealing in detail how hezbollah has been funded by the royal family member since 2017.

The contractor said Qatar ‘s ambassador to Belgium and Nato, Abdulrahman bin Mohammed Al Khulaifi, was attempting to cover up the involvement of the royal family in funding Hezbollah with a €750,000 bribe (Dh3.2 million/$891.100).

The manager, referred to in the article as Jason G, gave the fake identity to protect against revenge over the file.

He said he had conducted a sting operation aimed at preventing Qatar from “funding extremists.”

Jason G said the “corrupt apples must be gone from the bowl”

Last year, at a meeting in Brussels with Mr Al Khulaifi, he said the ambassador was heard saying “the Jews are our enemies.”

Ms Goulet accuses Qatar

Nathalie Goulet, a French lawmaker who oversaw a NATO report on international terrorist funding, told The National that the charges in the case were “extremely worrying.”

Ms Goulet said due to her activities, Qatar had acquired a “poor name,” funding malignancy groups besides Hezbollah which included the Muslim Brotherhood.

He said that a specific obstacle was the prospect of the ambassador serving as a funding conduit.

“The Belgian Ambassador [could] give money to Germany and then Germany will have those problems too,” said Ms Goulet.

“We have to fight and trace money. Because you don’t want to see that sort of violence. And the only way to combat terrorism is to pursue the money.”

The dossier said two Qatari ngos had offered “bread and medication” cash to Hezbollah in Beirut.

We were the benevolent organization Sheik Eid bin Mohammed Al Thani, and the foundation Learning Above All.

Ms Goulet said the international community had to be alert, as fresh assistance poured into Beirut after the destructive bombings on Tuesday, because organizations like Hezbollah were not the beneficiaries.

“We have to be very vigilant. So we don’t waste huge sums of money. Money will arrive in Lebanon”. She said.

We must stop Qatar

British MP Ian Paisley Jr, who was once interested in monitoring militant group finance. He told Fox that Qatar‘s conduct was “outrageous” and that the UK and Belgian governments should take immediate action.

“These accusations are very troubling, particularly because the ambassador is an envoy to NATO. And there should be an investigation and appropriate measures should be there”. Mr Paisley said.

“Hezbollah is a proscribed militant organization in Britain. It also can not be collaborating for them.”

“I will email the British Secretary for Foreign Affairs [Dominic Raab] tomorrow. Just to urge him to review these claims to make representations to the ambassador.”

Hezbollah came out in 1982 as a proxy paramilitary to Tehran by Iran’s Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps in Lebanon.

It retains strong ties to Iran, and is also relying on it for financial support.

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